St. John’s School is a voluntary aided Church of England Primary with a Nursery. As a voluntary aided Church of England school, we aim to provide an education based on Christian principles and practise and enjoy close links with our parish church. Governors hope that parents who have chosen the school for their child recognise and are fully supportive of its distinctive ethos. Governors therefore hope that all children will attend acts of collective worship and take part in the religious education curriculum offered by the school. This does not affect the rights parents enjoy under the Educational Reform Act 1988s9(3).

Admission Arrangements 2020-2021

The Governors, who are responsible for admissions to this Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, have agreed with the Local Authority to admit sixty pupils to the Reception class each year. These arrangements and the admissions criteria are reviewed annually and can be viewed in the document below.

Application List for Reception

LBHF Guidance for Reception Admissions

Nursery Admissions

Our nursery provision follows the same admissions criteria as the rest of the school.  Click here for our Admissions Policy.

If you wish to make an application, for your child/children to the Nursery at St John’s Walham Green Primary School for September 2021, please complete our Nursery Application List form below.

Nursery Charges

In order to retain our full-time offer, we will be charging for the additional 15 hours, which are over and above the centrally-funded 15 hours.

The Nursery will continue to only offer 26 full time places.

Full-time attendance is obligatory for all 26 available places. (No part-time places).

All 26 places are entitled to 15 free hours of early years’ education per week for 38 weeks per year. (Funded by the Government via the Local Authority.)

Parents/Carers will need to provide funding for the additional 15 hours which are over and above the centrally-funded 15 hours via either Option A or Option B within the Nursery Admissions and Charging Policy below.

Application List for Nursery

In-Year Admissions

If you wish for your child to transfer from their current school to St John’s Walham Green Primary during this current school year, please complete our Casual Admissions waiting list form and click the LBHF In-year Admissions button

St Johns Casual Admissions Waiting List

LBHF In-year Admissions Guidance

Admission Arrangements 2021-2022

Details about the consultation on proposal to change admission arrangements for 2021-22 can be found on the Policy Consultation page.