About Us

St. John’s Walham Green Church of England Primary School provides an education based on the principles and practices of the Church of England. Christian values underpin all aspects of the school.

We are committed to providing an education which offers equality of opportunity and is free from discrimination on grounds of race, sex, class or disability.

We aim to:

  • Encourage all children to achieve their full potential
  • Give all children equal access to the school’s academic and social curriculum
  • Emphasise values of tolerance, responsibility and flexibility and encourage children to become good citizens
  • Work to establish a partnership with parents and families in support of children’s learning
  • Provide a caring Christian setting for working and playing
  • Teach a spirit of curiosity
  • Continue to improve our school environment
  • Teach basic skills within a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the requirements of the National Curriculum

As a Church School the Christian faith lies at the heart of our ethos and underpins the way we work and live together as a community. Learning to take care of ourselves and others and to be tolerant and forgiving are important lessons that stand the children in good stead as they grow.