Curriculum Intent

The St. John’s school vision to ‘Love One Another’ is enacted through our broad and balanced, exciting and inspiring curriculum.  Our strong Christian ethos underpins all learning opportunities in preparing our pupils for responsibilities and experiences of later life.  We aim to guide pupils in their personal, emotional and spiritual development to become compassionate, wise and courageous global citizens.  Our school values support all that we do and learn:

Courage: St John’s pupils are brave and courageous in their learning and play.  Pupils are encouraged to be independent critical thinkers and problem-solvers. 

Wisdom: St John’s pupils are enthused about their learning.  We embrace mistakes as an integral part of the learning process and support risk-taking. Pupils are confident to apply their knowledge and skills and understand their responsibilities as citizens of the future.

Compassion: St John’s pupils are kind and show care and concern for all.   We value everyone as an individual and embrace and learn from each other’s differences.  Pupils develop a love and concern for their environment, the planet and all its splendour.  

Curriculum Implementation

Our knowledge rich and skills-strong curriculum is designed to allow children to transfer key knowledge into their long-term memory. It provides thoughtfully crafted and sequenced learning opportunities which encourage our pupils to build on prior learning and experiences to become proficient within a wide range of subject disciplines. 

We prioritise language and literacy development to ensure that our pupils have the skills required to access all curriculum areas.

Our curriculum serves our school community by reflecting the needs of our own context here in Fulham and we intentionally draw upon the wealth of experiences and opportunities in our local area. 

We set high expectations for all pupils and seek to promote equity through offering personalised supports to allow each child to flourish.  Pupils are purposely exposed to rich cultural experiences, ambitious vocabulary and challenging content.  We spark curiosity and encourage pupils to think deeply, working well beyond the boundaries of the National Curriculum.  We teach subject specific skills and knowledge whilst encouraging pupils to make links between learning opportunities.

Curriculum Impact

Our bespoke, ambitious curriculum ensures that learning is cumulative and layered.  We know our curriculum is successful because we regularly assess progress against age-appropriate knowledge and skill descriptors.  We can see progress in the way our pupils talk about their knowledge and understanding and through the outcomes recorded in books.

Pupils leave St. John’s ready for the next step in their education knowing how to learn effectively across a range of disciplines and having developed resilient learning characteristics.

They feel confident to use their voice to challenge social injustice, championing the rights of individuals and groups. They know how to keep physically and mentally healthy and understand their responsibility as future citizens.  We are proud that our pupils grow to enact our school motto of ‘Love one another’ throughout their lives, living life in its fullness.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office.