Design & Technology


At St. John’s Walham Green, through our Design Technology curriculum, we aim to encourage and inspire children to access learning that allows them to learn, think and intervene creatively to solve problems both through design and making, as individuals and as members of a team, promoting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  Our curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum requirements and is designed to teach children to design purposeful, functional and appealing products, make using a range of tools and equipment, evaluate and explore a range of existing products and their own ideas, to build structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. 

Our inclusive curriculum intends the children to develop an understanding of design and making, with many opportunities for all children to engage with technology inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum balances progressive technical skills, knowledge and understanding that are transferable skills as we believe all are crucial for the children to make sense of the world.  Our curriculum intends the children to leave St John’s with a combination of skills, knowledge, concepts and values to enable children to tackle real problems. Skills are taught progressively to make sure that all children are able to practice skills and learning in order to develop throughout their school journey. 

Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their products, this is a key skill which they need throughout their life. Children will consider not only their needs and wants, but will consider others needs and values. Through the DT curriculum children will be inspired to design, make, evaluate and learn technical skills and knowledge, motivating and giving meaning to their learning. We aim to use a cross curricular approach, linking DT to other subjects such as; PSHE, Art, Science, Mathematics and Literacy.