At St. John’s we intend our Art curriculum to provide children with a practical subject that stimulates creativity and nurtures imagination through the use of experiment, exploration and decision making.

We recognise the vital role that art and design provides in the curriculum to expose our children to a variety of different media and gain transferable skills through enriching experiences. We intend to provide high-quality teaching in line with the National Curriculum in which engages, inspires and challenges pupils through our broad and progressive learning journey in every key stage. To understand how art contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. 

The curriculum is skill based, focusing on six key skills that are revisited, ensuring throughout every key stage there is clear progression with a strong range of curricular links. We aim to inspire a sense of curiosity and desire to create through these key skill topics, whilst being able to discuss, evaluate and respect a variety of peers and artists work. Our curriculum intends our learners to leaves St. John’s with the ability to think critically and creatively and blossom into competent risk takers. They will develop a confidence of self- expression and personal endeavour through the arts.