At St John’s Walham Green, through our History curriculum, we aim to create interest and curiosity in the children, motivating them to learn about the past while making sense of their present.  Through high quality lessons, we aim for the children to develop a sense of identity and an appreciation for the diversity of societies in order to prepare them for the challenges of their time.  

Our curriculum is in line with the National curriculum requirements and focuses on understanding chronology, developing inquiry, analysis and interpretation skills while teaching knowledge of concepts, events, and people from the past.  We aim for all the children, to have access to an inclusive and engaging curriculum that equally balances the teaching of skills and knowledge inside and outside the classroom.  


We intend the curriculum to enable pupils to think critically about history with an ability to support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using historical evidence from a range of resources preparing them for the next stages of their education. Our curriculum intends the children to leave St John’s with the life skill to reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past with respect to their own and other people’s cultures in the world and in modern, multicultural Britain.